Kosher Living


Eating is, as everyone knows, a profoundly Jewish activity. However, there is a deeper side to it.

When a Jew eats, a spiritual interaction is taking place, which involves the whole of existence. There is a Divine energy in the food, and when one eats the food and then uses that energy in order to serve G‑d through observance of the Mitzvot, a cosmic cycle is completed.

For this reason, explain chassidic teachings, the question of the kashrut of food is not only a matter of Jewish tradition and life-style, but is something with immense significance for the individual eating and for his or her role in the world. Kosher food is - for spiritual reasons - 'fit' (the literal meaning of 'kosher') to be part of this universal process, non-kosher food is not.

Lubavitch of the East End is strongly committed to help Jews observe the Kosher Dietary laws properly.

There is  endeavors to stock kosher food and make it more available at the local super markets.

Times are changing. Over the past two decades thousands of individuals and families round the world have decided to modify their eating styles so as to bring them more in line with the laws of Kashrut written in the sacred Torah.

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