Celebrate Shavuot 



Saturday, May 19

Evening Service at 8:00 pm

Light Candles After  8:54pm

All Night Learning Session begins at 1:00am, refreshments will be served.


Sunday, May 20,
First Day of Shavuot

Morning Services: 9:30am

Reading of the Ten Commandments: 10:30am

Followed by a fabulous Dairy Buffet
Children’s Ice Cream Party 10:30 am

Light Candles after 9:06pm


Monday, May 21
Second Day of Shavuot

Morning Services: 9:30am

Yizkor Memorial Service 10:45am

Shavuot ends: 9:07pm



Relive Sinai with Lubavitch of the East End
This Shavuot, bring your family & friends to hear
The Ten Commandments & enjoy an ice cream party

Sunday, May 20, 10:30am

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