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Designed for people on the go, Weekly Torah Fax/E-Mail is perfect with a coffee or short lunch. With some fresh humor to cheer you up.

Unlike anything else that will come out of your fax machine or computer, the Weekly Torah Fax/E-mail will not bore you with details or depress you with numbers. Be prepared for fresh, original, light, heavy, thought provoking material that will provide some soul to your life.

Mans life is dependant on the air around him. With out air he cannot live, and the quality of life is dependant on the properties in the air. In an atmosphere of Torah and Mitzvos there is healthy life. Purification of the air is the task of every person familiar with Torah and is effected through letters of Torah. When reciting words of Torah while in the business or walking in the street or riding the train, one cleanses the air.

Everyone must be knowledgeable in some Torah, so that at all times and in all places one will be able to think and utter holy words of the Torah.

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