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At Lubavitch of the East End
Holiday Date
September 18 - 28, 2020

Shanah Tovah!

Celebrate the High Holidays among friends and connect with your inner self. Services will be interspersed with explanations and page guidance.
• No Membership. No Tickets  • Friendly Atmosphere • Announcements & Sermons in English • Hebrew-English Prayer-Books 
In short, you will feel at home. Wishing you and yours a very happy and sweet new year!

For more information please call 631-698-4000 or email info@jewishli.com 

Service Schedule
Rosh Hashanah Meal
Yom Kippur Service
What Are the High Holidays?
The two-day holiday of Rosh Hashanah is the head of the Jewish year, the time when G‑d reinvests Himself in creation as we crown Him king of the universe through prayer, shofar blasts, and celebration. A week later, the High Holidays reach their crescendo with Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). Like angels, we neither eat nor drink for 25 hours. Dressed in white, we pray in the synagogue—united as one people, children of One Father.
Upcoming events
Feb. 28, 2020
Times may Change based on the season of when shabbat starts, please call to varify.
Feb. 29, 2020
Followed By Kiddush Luncheon
to sponosr a Kiddush please call 631-698-4000

Mar. 01, 2020
Mar. 01, 2020
Our school is a contemporary learning center that successfully caters to Jewish families from all walks of life. Our school welcomes every Jew, regardless of religious background or level of ...
Mar. 02, 2020
Informal conversation on the Weekly Torah Reading.
Mar. 03, 2020
Judaism's Gifts to the World: How Major Jewish Ideas Evolved Into Universal Values By most indications, modern society is a model of moral progress. Yet when it comes to everyday values, we ...
Mar. 05, 2020
Socialize, knead, braid, and bring home delicious Challah for the Family. 7:00 - 8:30pm $5 p.p.
Mar. 06, 2020
Times may Change based on the season of when shabbat starts, please call to varify.
High Holiday Appeal
Increase your generosity of tzedakah (charity) during the High Holiday season. “Repentance, prayer, and charity take away the severity of the decree”.