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Community Services

No membership or affiliation is needed to enjoy any of these services.
Our doors are open to all

See Mission Statement.

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A daunting ordeal or something joyful, memorable and meaningful?
At a difficult time, a chat with the Rabbi or his wife may well help a person see things in a clearer perspective.
Making the Holidays alive
at all local hospitals, John T Mathers, S. Charles, Brookhaven.
Lubavitch of the East End is strongly committed to help Jews observe the Kosher Dietary laws properly.
To acquire a Mezuzah or to have your Mezuzot checked
Browse on line or stop by and pick something up.
Friendly, Non-Judgmental Atmosphere, With Hebrew-English Comprehensive Services. No Tickets, No Membership Or Affiliation Required, Your Home Away From Home. "The Chabad House where every Jew is a member".
Join us as the Rabbi will guide you through the services with insights and stories, enriching your intrest in to the deeper meaning of the prayers.
Weekly Torah Fax/E-Mail is perfect with a coffee or short lunch. With some fresh humor to cheer you up.
Is Someone Saying Kaddish for your loved one?
Looking to hire? Looking for a job? Post them here.
Good Luck