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Planned Giving

Planned Giving


Why should I remember Lubavitch of the East End in my will?
You care deeply about Jewish continuity and want to see Judaism flourish in your community. Lubavitch of the East End is serving our local community today and will continue to serve generations into the future.

I am not a wealthy person. Can my gift make a Difference?
Yes, every gift is important. Leaving a bequest to Lubavitch of the East End is your opportunity to take care of your family and create a meaningful Jewish legacy.

What is a Bequest?
A bequest is a gift of property or assets left to Lubavitch of the East End in your will. A bequest can be established as either a percentage of your estate or a fixed sum. Every bequest to Lubavitch of the East End is a powerful expression of faith and goodwill in the future of our Jewish community.

How can my money work for me in my lifetime?
A charitable gift annuity is one of the most popular ways to help Lubavitch of the East End and receive income during your lifetime. For example, you can set up a gift annuity and receive a guaranteed payment far above market rates. The current rate for an 80 year old single life term is 6.8% percent.

How can Life Insurance benefit Lubavitch of the East End?
You can make a substantial Jewish legacy gift to Lubavitch of the East End through designating Lubavitch of the East End as the named beneficiary of your existing life insurance policy. This gift can, in some circumstances, be far greater than anything you could donate during your lifetime.

What if I am ready to remember Lubavitch of the East End in my Estate Plan?
We would be honored to enroll you in the Jewish Legacy Society. Please take a moment and contact us for a confidential consultation. Informing Lubavitch of the East End about your intentions allows us to plan appropriately for the future. Thank you in advance for this generous contribution.

For more information please contact
Rabbi Mendy Goldberg


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Planned Giving

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