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Age Levels
Kindergarten through Sixth grade

Days / Times
All Grades Sundays 10:00am – 12:15pm
Occasional extracurricular Jewish fun activities

Tuition and Fees:
$500.00 For complete school year
Scholarships Available

$25.00 Book Fee

CTeen Junior

$350 For complete school year

Payment Options:
Option 1: Prepayment in full before September.

Option 2: Pay 2/3 of tuition before September, 1/3 of tuition by January 10.

Note: If there are reasons you cannot commit to one of the above options, please contact our office to arrange a personal payment plan. Please note that the above options are for tuition only. The book fee is due with your registration form.

A supply list and a school calendar will be sent out during the summer.

We offer a 5% discount on the tuition for each additional child in a family, and a 5% discount per referral of additional children.


 Register before June 15
for early bird discount.
Upcoming events
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Followed By Kiddush Luncheon
to sponosr a Kiddush please call 631-698-4000

Jan. 28, 2018
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